Group show at Francis Irv, New York

With works by:
Lotte Andersen, Nicholas Bierk, Asta Lynge, Ian Waelder
From Jan 13 to Feb 12, 2023


“Is it like today”, ethall gallery exhibition review:
“How to draw a family tree” by Luisa Del Prete for Passe-Avant

Group show curated by Dr. Hubert Salden at Museum Stift Stams

With works by:
Philippe Agostini | Kenneth Anger | Dieter Appelt | Gabriele Aulehla | Kahled Barakeh | Monica Bonvicini | Louise Bourgeois | Pina Bausch | Christine Colditz | Michael Croissant | Günther Förg | François Gérard | Tue Greenfort | Thomas Hirschhorn | Ali Kaaf | Ursula Kaufmann | Yves Klein | Christiane Löhr | Nina Mair | Thomas Merton | Gustav Metzger | Marcel Odenbach | Albert Oehlen | SUSI POP | Ad Reinhard | Thomas Riess | Andres Serrano | Erik Steinbrecher | Luc Tuymans | Ian Waelder | Mark Wallinger | Franz Wassermann | Lois Weinberger

Participation at “Future School”, Korean Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021:

Addition to the collection of Es Baluard Contemporary Art Museum:

Group exhibition “Touch Release” at Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, in collab with Tom Engels:

Participation in the book “Breadcrumb: Art & Sandwiches” Ed. Cristina Ramos & Eliot Z. Felde. Introduction by Jimmie Durham.
Published by Onomatopee Projects.

Solo exhibition “¿Por qué no son todos así, como yo debiera ser” (L21, 2021) published at Mousse Magazine Online with text by Sofia Lemos:

Solo exhibition “¿Por qué no son todos así, como yo debiera ser” (L21, 2021) at L21 website:

Interview with Louisa Behr at Gallery (2021):

Video tour of the solo exhibition “¿Por qué no son todos así, como yo debiera ser” (L21, 2021):

Solo exhibition “¿Por qué no son todos así, como yo debiera ser” (L21, 2021) at Art

“ONCE UPON A PLACE”, exhibition curated by Ian Waelder & Óscar Florit at Can Marqués (Palma, 2021).
With works by Dasha Shishkin, Jordi Ribes, Iman Issa, Felix Treadwell, Karl Holmqvist, Dara Friedman, Kemang Wa Lehulere, Valerie Krause, Jaime Hayón, Hannah Fitz, Lúa Coderch, Simon Demeuter, Ignacio Uriarte, Erika Hock, Bas Jan Ader:

The Hawt Show II (Galerie Rolando Anselmi, Atina, 2020):

Interview with Javier González-Pesce at Rotunda Magazine (2020):

“The Printer Fault Press Radio Show”, a radio exhibition curated and presented by Ian Waelder at TOWN with Radio X Frankfurt. 
With sound works by:
Elif Saydam, Sarah Księska, Mahya Ketabchi, Juan López, Diogo da Cruz, Alex Thake, David Ostrowski, Claudia Pagès, Hadas Auerbach, Tomás Maglione, Alicja Wysocka, Sonia Knop, Karl Holmqvist, Aileen Murphy, Mariam Kvirikashvili, Nina Nadig. And musical interruptions by Clinic, OOIOO, Amyl and The Sniffers, Daniel Johnston, B.Wurtz.

“The Exodus of Spanish Artists”.
Article by Aurélien Le Genissel for Artpress (Issue July/August 2020):

Solo exhibition “We feel untied, but why?” curated by Sonia Fernández Pan at Centro Párraga (2018), published at Art

Special Feature ARCOmadrid 2020 published at Art

From Outside Or From Within But From Another Angle at Joey Ramone (2020), published at Art

Residency at HANGAR, Lisbon:

“7 Spanish Artists You Need to See at ARCOmadrid”.
Article by Abigal Cain for Artsy (2017):

“Una Mesa en La Verónica”.
Publication edited by Diego Díez and Juan Jesús Torres:

Photo documentation by:
John Forest, Natasha Lebedeva, Lúa Oliver, Ivan Murzin, Iain Emaline,
Juan David Cortés, Paul Levack, Jiyoon Chung, Juande Jarillo, Eva Carasol.
© Ian Waelder, 2023